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About Us

Mission Statement

Global Plumbing & Fire Supply, Inc. has strong beliefs in the following fundamental values:

Team Work: We are a team, before anything else. Our commitment is to show up each day, acting with empathy and being authentic to whom we are. We aim to grow this company for each other. We aim to grow our company responsibly without compromising the well-being and needs of our employees.

Deliver Results: Your Business | Our Priority TM Our slogan takes the words right from our mouth. Customers trust us to deliver beyond their expectations, and we take that solemnly. Our team is prepared to jump any hurdle, to be problem solvers and continue to deliver only the best results.

Continuously Grow: The people here are working to operate more effectively every day. We are passionate about what we do and we believe that growth is constant, with no limit. Our team learns from their mistakes and uses lessons to continuously evolve. We are here to grow together, to be better.

Satisfaction: Our job done speaks for itself. Customer satisfaction is our priority. From pricing to service, we are here to help you. In order to continue growing we relentlessly focus on our customers, their success and building quality relations.

Our Mission At Global Plumbing & Fire Supply, Inc. we consider all our customers as first choice partners. We are proud to be suppliers. We like the people we work with - coworkers, managers, customers, vendors - and enjoy helping one another succeed.This explains why we are constantly striving to provide quality products and services. We like to listen to our customers and their suggestions. Although it is difficult to constantly achieve perfection, we get as close as possible to it in our service daily. For this reason, we are open to constructive feedback from our customers and employees. We believe that their purpose is to force us to reinvent ourselves so that we can offer a product or service of excellent quality that is worthy of those who value us.

We treat our employees as family members. We value each of them. We firmly believe in the growth and personal and professional development of our employees. We are committed to supporting them in their decision and aspiration. We do not want our employees to feel devalued or taken for granted. We listen to them and keep all the promises we make to them.

We adhere to the principle of justice and respect. We do not tolerate favoritism and discrimination within the company. We embrace diversity and recognize the uniqueness inherent in each individual.

About Us

Global Plumbing and Fire Supply is mainly focused on serving businesses, fire protection contractors and homeowners looking for fire sprinklers and related accessories including fittings, fire sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler systems, and fire sprinkler pipes.

Global Plumbing and Fire Supply started the business in 2004 after we saw the need to educate people about the importance of fire safety and provide them with the equipment they need to reduce fire hazards. We have the largest inventory in southern California and special packages for contractors and businesses.

Our aim is to provide fire system knowledge and provide easy and equal access to fire sprinklers and accessories so that contractors, plumbers, homeowners, and facility managers can find what they need.

The law requires all commercial buildings to have a fire safety system. Some jurisdictions also require homeowners to install a fire safety system for their safety. Even if it’s not mandatory, it is important to have a reliable fire suppression system in place.

At Global Plumbing and Fire Supply, we understand your concerns and provide you with what you want. We work with experienced vendors who produce reliable products that are not only durable but very affordable and effective as well.

Here are just some of our defining features:

If we don’t have what you need, we’ll find it for you or suggest a suitable alternative.

With hundreds of vendors and thousands of customers, Global Plumbing and Fire Supply is a name to reckon with. Call 1-855-473-7476 today to speak to a specialist and know how we can cater to your needs.

Your Business | Our Priority ™

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Global Plumbing and Fire Supply has become one of the top plumbing & fire sprinkler distributors in Southern California. With our superior customer service, quality proucts, Global Plumbing and Fire Supply is considered the best in the industry.

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